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Fire Prevention


Fire Danger Season

Thursday 1 November 2018 to Monday 15 April 2019

The Fire Danger Season for this district is  1 November 2018 to 15 April 2019. During this period, you must apply for a permit to use fire outdoors at any time.

During the Fire Danger Season, it is prohibited to burn in the open without a permit.  Permits will be issued during the Fire Danger Season under the following conditions:

1.   Permits will be issued from Thursday 1 November 2018 to Friday 9 November 2018, for the purpose of burning off around buildings only at permit officers discretion.

2.  No permits will be issued from Saturday 10 November 2018 to Sunday 3 March 2019 during the Fire Danger Season except under special circumstances authorised by the Group Officer and Fire Prevention Officer and Permit Issuer.

3.  Conditional burning permits to be issued from Monday 4 March 2019 to Monday 15 April 2019.

4.  No burning off shall be allowed before 12 noon or on Weekends and Public Holidays,  including the Easter Weekend (inclusive Good Friday to Easter Monday).

5.  When lighting a fire, permit holders are to notify adjoining landowners, Council and the CFS of their permit number, location, type of material and approximate area to be burnt.

6.   No maximum limit shall apply to the number of days that a permit is valid, during the Fire Danger Season.

7.   Two able-bodied adults and at least 400L of water must be in attendance.

Authorised Fire Permit Officers

Brian Stringer7605 8517Boothby
Roger Nield8628 2612Jamieson / Mangalo / Heggaton
Mel Wegner0427 202 034Rudall / Tuckey
Bryan Trigg0488 059 501Cleve District
Kevin Elson8628 2338Mann / Yadnarie
Gavin Masters0427 288 065Verran / Roberts
Mark Edwards0427 207 176Darke Peak
Angela Harris8620 7076Campoona

 Conditions pertaining to permits issued by Authorised Officers:

  1. No permits issued between Saturday 10 November 2018 to Sunday 3 March 2019 (these dates may change due to seasonal conditions).
  2. 24 hour notice before permit issued.
  3. No lighting before 12 noon, or on Weekends or Public Holiday burning.
  4. Permit holders to notify adjoining landowners, Council and CFS of the following:
  • Permit Number
  • Location – use rural property address (not section number or hundreds)
  • Type of burn
  • Approximate area to be burnt

It is recommended that farmers fit fire fighting units to chaser bins as an added precaution

Phone Numbers

The Fire Preventation Officer for the Council is Assistant Works Manager Grant Crosby.

The Works Manager can be contacted at the District Council of Cleve.

Please contact the CFS Hotline on 1300 362 361 or visit http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/ for further information such as fire bans.

Bushfire Prevention Plan

The Bushfire Prevention Plan can be accessed here.

Grain Harvesting Code of Practice

The Grain Harvesting Code of Practice can be accesed by clicking the link below:

Grain Harvesting Code of Practice

Harvest Ban Numbers 

Arno Bay(08) 8628 0270
Mangalo(08) 8628 4000
Rudall(08) 8628 2288
Cowell(08) 8629 6051
Kimba(08) 8627 2250
Lock(08) 8689 1100








Silo Committees at each of these areas have selected small committees to make decision for their area on harevest bans.

Eastern Eyre Group CFS CB Number   UHF 10

Kimba & Lock Area CFS CB Number    UHF 1

If you have to report a fire ring 000 and ask for Adelaide Fire.  When they answer give the Rural Property Address Number of the fire, your name and what type of fire it is eg. Crop or Header Fire.

Grain Dryers

Please note when using Grain Dryers, ensure adequate fire prevention measures are in place and fire equipment is onsite and readily available to use. Permits are required for Grain Dryer use from your local authorised Fire Permit Officer.

District Council of Cleve

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E: council@cleve.sa.gov.au

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