Annual Business PlanĀ 

Recent amendments to the Local Government Act (the Act) have responded to the findings of the Local Government Association of South Austrailia's independent inquiry into the financial sustainability of Local Government by introducing a range of measures, including strengthening the forward planning requirements for the annual budget. The Act now makes it mandatory that Councils prepare an annual business plan in conjunction with their annual budgets.

The annual business plan is a Council's basic statement of its inteded programs and outcomes for the year. It links the Council's longer term planning for its area, as set out in its strategic management plans, with the allocation of resources in its budget. It also establishes the basis for review of the Council's performance over the year included in its annual report.

The adoption of a straight forward and simple format for the annual business plan, addressing the requirements of the legislation, will provide a clear logical structure with enables Councils to focus on the key issues of content during the preparation of their annual business plans.

Click on the link below to view a copies of the Annual Business Plans

Annual Business Plan 2016/2017

Annual Business Plan 2015/2016

Annual Business Plan 2014/2015

Summary of Annual Business PlanĀ & Budget 2014/2015

Annual Business Plan 2013/2014

Summary of Annual Business Plan & Budget 2013/2014

Annual Business Plan 2012/2013

Summary of Annual Business Plan & Budget 2012/2013

Annual Business Plan 2011/2012

Summary of Annual Business Plan & Budget 2011/2012

Annual Business Plan 2010/2011

Summary of Annual Business Plan & Budget 2010/2011

Annual Business Plan 2009/2010

Summary of Annual Business Plan & Budget 2009/2010

Annual Business Plan 2008/2009

Annual Business Plan 2007/2008

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