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Rates - Other Rates & Charges 

Service rates and charges

The Council provides specific services for the benefit of specific properties for which specific service rates and/or annual charges are levied. Where a service that is subject to a service charge is available to non-rateable land, a service charge is levied against that land.

Service rates and/or charges may be raised to cover the cost of establishing, operating, maintaining, improving and replacing such services. Funds raised must not be utilised for any other purpose and any surplus service rates or charges must be set aside for future replacement of the assets employed in providing the service.

The Council has declared the following service rates and/or charges for the year 2014/2015, applicable to properties only which directly benefit from such services.



Kerbside Rubbish Bin Collection (Cleve, Arno Bay, Rudall & Darke Peak  $175.00
Community Waste Management Scheme - Cleve


Community Waste Management Scheme (25 front row shacks & Hotel, Arno Bay)


C.A.T.V. Service - Elson Subdivision (GST Inc)


C.A.T.V. Service - Whyte Street/ Cottages (GST Inc)


Natural Resource Management Levy


**DISCOUNT**2% (of general rates) if total rates are paid by the 15 September 2014.

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