Arno Bay Urban Design Framework 

The District Council of Cleve engaged the services of QED in August 2007 to prepare a Strategic Urban Design Framework for the township of Arno Bay. To assist QED a Steering Committee was put together and included representative from Council, community groups and business owners with a direct interest in the success and development of the town.

The Arno Bay Urban Design Framework required a methodology focused approach including the need for strong background analysis, research and effective consultation.

The design based project aimed to achieve the following:

   * Community participation and ownership of outcomes

   * A collaborative and holistic approach to all project elements

   * Lead to increase business and service provision

   * Recognize and develop the significant potential of Arno Bay

   * Identify the priorities and actions required to deliver the project goals

The Master Plan will provide an integrated strategy for the future development and management of Arno Bay and will provide Council with an independent avenue to attract the funding and support required to implement the key project outcomes. This report presents an approach to the master planning of Arno Bay that responds to the strategic imperatives described above.

The report covers the following chapters:

   * An analysis of the town

   * A description of the stake holder and community consultation that drove development of the Masterplan

   * A presentation of the proposed Urban Design Framework that guided the Master Planning process

   * A list of the Master Plan strategies

   * A review of community feedback on draft proposals

Please click on the below links to access the plans.

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