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Many of Council's activities are required to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999. Section 246 of the Local Government Act gives Councils the power to make By-Laws.

Council's By-Laws are created in order to licence, prohibit, regulate and control specific activities with the Council area. By-Laws are legally enforceable and impact upon all residents and visitors within the Council area.

For further infomration on By-Laws please contact the District Council of Cleve.

Current By-Laws

1/ Permits & Penalties By-law

2/ Moveable Signs By-law

3/ Roads By-law

4/ Local Government Land By-law

5/ Dogs By-law

6/ Cats By-law

These by-laws have been reviewed effective as of the 24 March 2012.

District Council of Cleve

10 Main Street, Cleve SA 5640

PO Box 36, Cleve SA 5640

T: 08 8628 2004

F: 08 8628 2428

E: council@cleve.sa.gov.au

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