22nd April 2021

Draft 2021/22 Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget

An inaugural music festival, main street renewal program, RV Park upgrade and construction of a new recreation area are some of the new exciting initiatives and projects planned for the year ahead in Council’s Draft 2020/22 Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget.

The District Council of Cleve’s Draft 2021/22 Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget is now open for public consultation until 5pm, Friday 21 May 2021.

Council have been actively working with Regional Development Australia (RDA) to help develop strategies to ensure the districts continued survival. RDA identified one of the “megatrends” in the Eyre Peninsula LGA & RDA Regional Strategic Plan 2019 is that “larger cities and towns…continue to draw population growth and economic activity away from many smaller towns”. Population drift from regions to cities is a threat to Cleve (& SA's regional economies).

An operating deficit of ($552k) has been forecast due to the Councils desire to play its role in stimulating the local economy as well as promoting tourism and attracting people to the region to live. The inclusion of a number of operating projects that have been included has resulted in the forecast operating deficit. These objectives are closely aligned with the recently adopted Strategic Management Plan 2021-2025. Council intends to fund this deficit from existing cash reserves and does not believe it will impact on its financial sustainability for the 2021/22 financial year.

Council has applied a 1% pa increase to general rates and will be using the following rating structure for the 2021/22 rates:

- use capital value as the basis for valuing land;
- a fixed charge (which will apply to all rateable properties equally); and
- use land use as its basis for differential rating.

The plan features proposed capital works on infrastructure and assets of $9.656M. Proposed capital works for the 2021/2022 financial year include:

- resealing of the Mangalo Road, Cleve
- resealing of East Terrace, Cleve
- resealing of Airport Road, Cleve
- re-sheeting 28km of unsealed roads
- constructing kerbing and footpaths at Alexandria Terrace, Arno Bay
- repairing kerbing and footpath at East Terrace, Cleve
- construction of a turning lane at West Terrace, Cleve
- upgrading various plant
- relining part of the earthenware pipe network of the Cleve CWMS
- replacement of 2 air conditioning units at the Council Office
- replacement and upgrade of the Arno Bay Boat Ramp pontoons

Major capital projects include:

Cleve Playspace

Council have been successful in obtaining $1.269M from the State Government through the Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program to help fund construction of the new recreation area in the Cleve Sporting Bodies sporting grounds. The Cleve Playspace will include an upgrade to the small existing skate park (constructed 2002), installation of a new "pump track" for scooters, skate boards and bikes and installation of a new playground (including slide structure, built in trampolines, parkour equipment, swings, hamster wheel) suitable for children aged two to fifteen to redevelop and further expand the opportunities available for the youth of the region and provide expanded opportunities for the visitor tourism industry.

Cleve RV Park Upgrade

Council is currently seeking grant funding to assist with funding the upgrade of the Cleve RV Park located at the current Cleve Showgrounds.  This project compliments the recent Eyes on Eyre strategy completed by the Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula. The upgrade will provide 32 new recreational vehicle (RV) campsites, new potable water sites, RV wastewater dump point, 4 power outlets, shelters, BBQ’s and a new amenities block with coin operated showers.

Construction of Cleve Boarding House Facilities

Council is currently seeking grant funding to assist with funding the construction of new boarding facilities in Cleve. Future demand projections based on the new industry based curriculum being developed with Cleve Area School and Sims Farm as the state hub, indicate around 40-50 new potential annual boarding house students being drawn from the Eyre Peninsula alone.  Coupled with the national and international student potential, this highlights the need for an expanded boarding house facility to 35 rooms.  Additionally, the Motor Traders Association that is now based in Cleve is planning to expand annual training to over 150 apprentices per year over the next three years.

This project will provide 35 students high quality, networked accommodation that will create additional economic and capacity building opportunities through the support of education and training in the region by providing expanded accommodation for the visitor-education economy across the region.

Council will be going out to the community this year to present the exciting new initiatives and projects they have planned for the 2021/22 year.  The community is invited to attend one of the public meetings that will be held at the following locations:

Monday, 10 May 2021 - Darke Peak Community Sporting Club commencing at 6.30pm

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 - Cleve Sporting Bodies Club commencing at 6.30pm

Wednesday, 12 May 2021 - Arno Bay Community Sporting Club commencing at 6.30pm

For full details, please click here, visit Council’s Facebook page or alternatively, contact the Council Office and a copy can be made available.

Written submissions on the draft plans close 5pm, Friday 21 May 2021.

Further information is available from:

Meisha Quinn
Manager Corporate Services
District Council of Cleve
10 Main Street
CLEVE  SA 5640
Ph (08) 8628 2004