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19th June 2020
DC of Cleve Successful

Drought Communities Program – Extension Grant Application Successful

The District Council of Cleve has been successful in their Grant Application for the second round of 1 million dollars under the Drought Communities Program 2019 from the Federal Government.

This grant funding opportunity targets infrastructure and other projects that:

  • provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought;
  • stimulate local community spending;
  • use local resources, businesses and suppliers; and
  • provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agriculture industries on which they depend.

Under the grant funding guidelines, projects are to be completed by 31 December 2020.  Projects include:

  • Expansion and lining of the stormwater dams located at Traeger Street/Airport Road and Birdseye Highway.
  • Employing a Drought Project Officer to provide assistance in the district to those affected by the drought.
  • Installation of solar panels to the Arno Bay War Memorial Hall, the Cleve District Hall and the Rudall Community Sports Club
  • Installation of air conditioning to the Cleve District Hall
  • Upgrade of the toilets at the Arno Bay Bowling Club including a new disabled toilet
  • Installation of a shade sail over the existing playground at Darke Peak Sporting Complex
  • Installation of an irrigation system on the Cleve Golf Course
  • Re-building 15 new tee blocks on the Darke Peak Golf Course
  • Re-cladding of the building exterior, re-wiring & maintenance to the Cleve Playgroup & Lil'Gym building
  • Kitchen upgrade to the Mangalo War Memorial Community Centre
  • Window replacement at the Wharminda War Memorial Hall
  • Part roof replacement with roof capping to the Cleve District Hall

Council are pleased to be able to assist 9 community groups with carrying out various projects that will be provide long lasting benefits to the communities.