15th October 2020

Have Your Say!

Proposed Removal of One Pine Tree & Replace with Two Eucalyptus Trees

Council is seeking comment and feedback on a request for the removal of one Pine Tree and placement of two Eucalyptus Trees located on Councils Roadside Verge in front of Number 6 Birdseye Highway, Cleve.

A photograph of the Pine Tree and Location Map is available for viewing at the District Council of Cleve Main Office located at 10 Main Street, Cleve.

Alternatively you can visit www.cleve.sa.gov.au to view the photograph and location of the Pine Tree.

For further information about the proposed Pine Tree removal please contact District Council of Cleve:

Phone: 8628 2004 or Email: council@cleve.sa.gov.au

Written submissions and enquiries should be received by:

4pm Thursday 3 December 2020

Addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Peter Arnold

District Council of Cleve

PO Box 36, Cleve SA 5640