Arno Bay Boat Harbour 

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Policy for Short Term Leasing of Unleased Berths

  • The Arno Bay harbour berths were provided to help establish and sustain an aquaculture base within the region. Under agreement with Transport SA priority for leasing of individual berths must be given to aquaculture operators.

  • Berths not let to aquaculture operators may be let by Council for other vessels for short term periods subject to a scale of fees and on conditions determined by Council.

  • Council may agree to short term leasing of up to twelve months maximum for non-aquaculture vessels subject to one months written notice to terminate any such agreement.

  • Local contact and other details for short term rental to be placed on signage at the berth and gangway entrance areas for public information.

  • Berth fingers are 11m (36 feet) long.

  • Maximum single vessel length per berth 16m (52 feet).

  • Two smaller vessels may share one berth provided their combined length does not exceed 11 metres (36 feet).

  • Fees are payable in advance. Minimum of three months in advance for the 3 months plus option.

  • Fees are non-refundable in the event of early vacancies.

  • A refundable deposit fee of $25 applies for a gangway gate key.

  • Berthed vessels must not be used for residing or sleeping in, unless where required for single overnight yacht stays, if absolutely necessary.

  • Lessees agree to abide by the lease and harbour facility rules.


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