Rural Property Numbering System 

Every occupied rural property in South Australia - homes and business - will soon have a nationally consistent numbered address.

Under the plan announced by the State Government and the Local Government Association, the distance based numbering system will quickly tell emergency service personnel or anyone trying to find the property how many metres it is from the start of the road and on which side of the road the property entrance is located.  This system replaces the RAPID, RSD, RMB and Lot number systems, providing one consistent address for use by Australia Post, Emergency Services, service providers, family and friends.

Properties to receive the new numbering system will receive a letter informing them of their address and any other details relating to change of address notifications. There will also be a short consultation period to allow residents time to comment on their new address.  Council will be progressively rolling out the installation.

For more information please access the State Government Rural Property Addressing information here or if you require information about your property please contact Council.

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