Many of Council's activities are required to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999. Section 246 of the Local Government Act gives Councils the power to make By-Laws.

Council's By-Laws are created in order to licence, prohibit, regulate and control specific activities with the Council area. By-Laws are legally enforceable and impact upon all residents and visitors within the Council area.

For further information on By-Laws please contact the District Council of Cleve.

Pursuant to section 249(7) of the Local Government Act 1999, notice is hereby given that at its meeting on 7 August 2018, the Council adopted the following By-Laws:

1. Permits and Penalties By-law No. 1 of 2018;

2. Moveable Signs By-law No. 2 of 2018;

3. Roads By-law No. 3 of 2018;

4. Local Government Land By-law No. 4 of 2018;

5. Dogs By-law No. 5 of 2018 and

6. Cats By-law No. 6 of 2018.

The By-laws will commence operation in accordance with section 249(5) of the Local Government Act 1999, four months after the day on which they are published in the Government Gazette (24 January 2019).

Copies of the By-laws are available for review during ordinary office hours at the Council’s principal office located at 10 Main Street, Cleve, and on the Council’s website