Animal Management Plan

The plan identifies strategies and actions to implement the mission, aims and objectives for domestic animal management, and relates these back to the wider policy context. It has been prepared by Council's works manager and endorsed by the Council.

Animal Management Plan - 2020 - 2025

Annual Business Plan & Annual Budget

The Annual Business Plan is a Council's basic statement of its intended programs and outcomes for the year. It links the Council's longer term planning for its area, as set out in its strategic management plans, with the allocation of resources in its budget. It also establishes the basis for review of the Council's performance over the year included in its annual report.

The adoption of a straight forward and simple format for the annual business plan, addressing the requirements of the legislation, will provide a clear logical structure with enables Councils to focus on the key issues of content during the preparation of their annual business plans.

The Budget has been developed using the Council's overall planning framework. Council's strategic management plan includes a 10 year long term Financial Plan, supported by an Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan. The purpose of these plans is to express, in financial terms, the activities that the Council proposes to undertake in the medium and longer term, to achieve its stated goals and objectives.

Annual Business Plan and Annual Budget 2020-21

Bushfire Preventative Plan

The Bushfire Prevention Plan, which covers the entire Council area, provides the framework and guidelines for all landholders, private and public, for bushfire prevention. The plan is prepared pursuant to Section 73A of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, and in recognition of the need to protect life and reduce the impact of bushfires on property and the environment within our area.

Bushfire Prevention Plan

Cleve & Districts Emergency Management Plan

The Council is committed to taking measures to protect its area from natural and other hazards and to reduce the effects of such hazards. The Council has therefore updated the current Emergency Management Plan to incorporate a more detailed plan which is derived from the District Council of Tumby Bays Emergency Management Plan.

Emergency Management Plan 2017

Community Land Management Plan

The Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to develop Land Management Plans for all community land either owned or under its care and control if:

  • The land is, or is to be, occupied under a lease or license
  • Land that has been, or is to be, specifically modified or adapted for the benefit or enjoyment of the community

The plans are developed through consultation with the community and show the way in which the land is to be used and developed. They also assist with the leasing, licensing and permit process.

Council has adopted three management plans each focusing on future control development and the management of community land. These are as follows:

Community Land - Playground Management Plan

Community Land - Darke Peak Parklands Management Plan

Community Land - Sport and Recreational Facilities Management Plan

Development Plan

Development Plans are the key on-the-ground development assessment documents in South Australia. They contain the rules that set out what can be done on any piece of land across the state, and the detailed criteria against which development applications will be assessed. Development Plans cover distinct and separate geographic areas of the state. There is a separate Development Plan for each one of the 68 local council areas, plus a handful of other Development Plans covering areas not situated within local government boundaries. Development Plans outline what sort of developments and land use are and are not envisaged for particular zones (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial), and various objectives, principles and policies further controlling and affecting the design and other aspects of proposed developments.

Development Plan or website:

Long Term Financial Plan

The purpose of a Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is to guide the future direction of Council in a financially sustainable manner.

The LTFP is designed as a 'high-level' summarised document focusing on the future planning of Council's financial operations, particularly in relation to key components such as rate increases, service levels to our community, major infrastructure asset replacement/renewal and loan indebtedness. 

It is driven by Council's Strategic Management Plan which sets out Council's objectives, goals and desired outcomes. It is a guideline for future action in financial terms and encourages Council to think about the future impact decisions made today have on Council's long-term sustainability.

The Local Government Act 1999 ("the Act") requires that Council's must develop and adopt Strategic Management Plans including the LTFP which is a moving document updated on a rolling basis over a ten year term.

Long Term Financial Plan 2021-2030

Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan

Asset management planning is a comprehensive process to ensure delivery of services from infrastructure is provided in a financially sustainable manner. An asset management plan details information about infrastructure assets including actions required to provide an agreed level of service in the most cost effective manner. The plan defines the services to be provided, how the services are provided and what funds are required to provide the services.

Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan 2021-2030

Regional Public Health Plan

For Upper Eastern Eyre Peninsula Council's comprising of Cleve, Franklin Harbour and Kimba.

The South Australian Public Health Act 2011 recognises that local Councils are the public health authorities for their individual Council areas. Under section 51 of the Act, local Councils are required to prepare a Public Health Plan.

Regional Public Health Plan 2014-2018

Strategic Plan

The Council has developed a Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 for the future management of the Council pursuant to Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999.

The Vision for the Council is: "A thriving district of inclusive and supportive rural and coastal communities enjoying a safe, well-serviced and relaxed country lifestyle."

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Risk Management, Work Health Safety & Return to Work Plan 2020

This plan is designed to strategically and systematically improve organisational Risk, Work Health & Safety and Return to Work systems, processes and outcomes for the District Council of Cleve.

Risk Management, Work Health Safety & Return to Work Plan