Council offer recycling kerbside collection from the townships of Arno Bay, Cleve, Darke Peak and Rudall. The Council strongly encourages residents to follow recycling guidelines, as described in the Waste & Recycling Information brochure and the listed items in the Recycling Information flyer.

Glass is not to be recycled through kerbside collection. It will be accepted at the Transfer Stations and Eastern Eyre Recycling.

Bottle and can recycling is available at Eastern Eyre Recycling with a 10c refund offered on eligible items.

Eastern Eyre Recycling

Port Neill - Monday 9am - 3pm

Arno Bay - Tuesday 9am - 3pm

Cleve - Thursday 9am - 3pm

Cleve - Friday 9am - 3pm

They are open on occasional Saturday's, dates of which will be posted on their Facebook page.

'Which Bin Vin?'

The South Australian Government has developed a website and video series to address questions of which bin certain items go in. This campaign in known as 'Which Bin Vin?' and can be viewed here.