Rate Concessions

State Government Concessions

From 1 July 2015, the State Government elected to replace the concessions on Council rates with the "Cost of Living Concession" provided directly to those eligible.  This payment may be used for any purpose, including offsetting Council rates.

The eligibility for a concession on charges for Council Community Wastewater Management Schemes (CWMS) or Council provided water remains unchanged.  Should you be eligible for a State Government funded concession on CWMS or Council provided water this will be paid directly to you by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) and is no longer provided via your rates notice.

To check eligibility, contact the DCSI Concession Hotline 1800 307 758 or at www.sa.gov.au/concessions.


Persons experiencing hardship may seek assistance from Council; phone 08 8628 2004 for a confidential discussion or email council@cleve.sa.gov.au.

Council Rebates

Certain persons / and or organisations may be eligible for a rebate, e.g. community groups, health and education organisations etc. Phone 08 8628 2004 or email council@cleve.sa.gov.au for further information.

Postponement of Rates – Seniors

Ratepayers who hold a State Seniors Card (or who are eligible to hold a State Seniors Card and have applied for one) are able to apply to Council to postpone payment of rates on their principal place of residence.

Postponed rates remain as a charge on the land and are not required to be repaid until the property is sold or disposed of.  Phone 08 8628 2004 or email council@cleve.sa.gov.au for further information.