All land within a Council area, except for land specifically exempt (e.g. crown land, Council occupied land and other land prescribed in the Local Government Act - refer Appendix 1 and Section 147 of the Act), is rateable. The Local Government Act provides for a Council to raise revenue for the broad purposes of the Council through a general rate, which applies to all rateable properties, or through differential general rates, which apply to classes of properties. In addition, Council can raise separate rates, for specific areas of the Council or service rates or charges for specific services. The Council also raises revenue through fees and charges, which are set giving consideration to the cost of the service provided and any equity issues.

Council reviewed the rating system and resolved to:

  • Use Capital Value as the basis for valuing land
  • Implement a fixed charge (which will apply to all rateable properties equally) in lieu of a minimum rate
  • Use Land Use as its basis for differential rating
  • Introduce a Kerbside Refuse Collection charge

2020/2021 Rating

There is a fixed charge of $487 (which is applied to all rateable properties equally) in lieu of a minimum rate.

Land Type

Cent Rate in $

Primary Production
Commercial (Bulk Handling)

Service Charges

CWMS Allocated Allotments (Cleve & Arno Bay Foreshore Properties) $505.00
CWMS Unallocated Allotments (Cleve)
CWMS Separate Rate (Arno Bay Foreshore Properties - Instalments over 10 year period)
Kerbside Collection (Cleve, Arno Bay,Darke Peak & Rudall)
C.A.T.V. (Elson Subdivision & Whyte Street, Cottages)
$115.00 (inc GST)

Regional Landscape Levy

Residential, Other & Vacant Land
Commercial & Industrial
Primary Production